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When I first learned about the qualities of a Ragdoll, I got one and fell totally in love with their personality and knew that I would love raising and giving others the joy of having them as members of THEIR family. I love their medium long hair that doesn't need much grooming. The best thing about ragdolls is their great personalities, which are very affectionate, to the point of being a pest at times(they love to be petted).

I get a lot of amusement watching them play with their toys. I will always have one as a part of my family.

I have been raising Ragdolls for five years and am very pleased with the great care that the mother cats give to their kittens.

  • I raise a variety of colors: Seal Point Bicolor, Seal Color Point, Seal Tortie Color Point, Seal Point, Blue point and (rare)Flame Point.
  • All my kittens will come with a health guarantee contract.
  • I sell Ragdoll pet kittens and breeders.