Hi Tricia just wanted to drop you a quick note and a few pictures of our Bella, she is the best cat I have ever had and we enjoy her so much! She's about a year and a half old now.

Just wanted to let you know that Jax & Sukie are both doing good. Both are growing fast, and big lil chunky monkeys. Their def. true raggies, fight over who gets to sit in my lap, and follow me everywhere i go, even to the bathroom, and waiting on me when i get out of the shower haha. They even greet me at the door when i come home. Me and my sister sandy both wanna say ty for giving us both the chance to bring our babies home to us to be a part of our family. They def. both hold a special place in our hearts!!! We also hope you & and your family have a very Merry Christmas!!!


So Malibu was up early with me getting presents situated, and after searching for his gifts (up on the chair where he couldn't reach them), he let me know how he felt. He did like his presents later on

Hope you had a Merry Christmas!!

Love, Dawna


Ziggy is getting spoiled... He loves sleeping on this blanket on the bed next to me... We went to see the vet today and my vet fell in love with him... He weighs 1.8 pounds... But he is already eating good and loving his kitty treats!! Take care, Kim

Hi Tricia,

I thought you would enjoy seeing a picture of Noel. We have only had her a week but she loves our home and is very comfortable.

We just love her and can't thank you enough.


Hey there!

Hoping that your having a wonderful Mother's Day! I thought of you this morning and wanted to share some NEW pictures of our adorable Ragdoll, Simba with you~ Its so hard to believe that we have had him for a few months now!!!! Keep in touch! J.B.

She's a sweet heart... A.M.

Hi Tricia, I regret I've not sent you updated photos of your kitten since I brought her home at the end of January. Life's been moving pretty fast.

I named her Bonnie and she has become part of my heart. She's healthy, beautiful, playful, snuggly and makes me laugh every day. I had her neutered in May and she weathered that experience really well. She quickly makes human friends. I've not tried to help her make animal friends, but she may (in August) spend some time with Carol & Tom Hammond and their flame-point cat Mason. Mason is one of yours, too. :)

Thank you for helping to bring her into my life. I am very grateful.

With love from Lower Alabama, Tracey & Bonnie

Here's a few pictures of our babies. The flame point (Flex) and the seal point (Sophia) we got back in November 2011. They have been the best companions ever. They love snuggling with one another and with anyone else who will hold them. They do have very different personalities. Flex is rambunctious and Sophia is more laid back until… Felicia P.

I wanted to share with you a picture of my daughter and "Ollie". He is such a sweet kitty. He has stolen our hearts!! I look forward to getting his paperwork from you soon.

Thanks again! RD

Tricia, I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my kittens, Truman and Harper! I am so glad that I took Harper. He is doing great with his back leg. And even though he is small with a bum leg, he makes up for it in HEART and PERSONALITY! He is hysterical! He talks and plays!!!! And he is a lover boy!!! He loves his brother Truman!! And Truman is an absolute BEAUTY!!! His coat is full and fluffy! He is gorgeous!!!! And he knows it!! His personality is sweet! I am so glad you gave me the opportunity to keep these guys together! I am alone here in Huntsville, but I am not lonely any more!!

Thank you! Tracey


Attached are Howie's Easter pictures with his Easter basket. He's now 5 months old. We are enjoying him and can't imagine our house without him. He has us totally wrapped around his paws. He plays and plays but will also snuggle anytime you're ready. Thanks for a beautiful ragdoll!

Mollie & Jeff

Hey Tricia!!!!

I got my cat Murray from you last year around March or April. I never sent you my paper work for the neuter to get his papers from you, I still need to do that. But if you remember I called you a while back to tell you how he was doing and told you that he fetches. You told me that you would like to have a video. I have it on video, with him leaping in the air as well. He likes to try and catch his rope in the air, and sometimes he does succeed! Anyways, Murray is doing well, and thinks that he is very much a dog! Murray t

Hello! Our babies, Dolly and Porter just turned 1! Here are some recent photos! They are very spoiled rotten.

Taura and Curtis